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We are a company with a purpose to be able to share tuxedo clad birds with penguin lovers worldwide. On a cruise to the Antartic is when I first saw and fell in love with penguins. It was then that I decided to find a way to share them with children of the world as well as with others. Their family structure just fascinated me and still does to this day.

Can you imagine - the father balances the egg (laid by the mom) on his feet, then his flabby belly covers the egg to keep it warm until it hatches months later. Awesome!

For many years my previous love was teaching school - the early childhood grades. I dearly loved working with children. I plan to continue this love by using my penguin artifacts such as Zupo the puppet, along with, teaching children how to make greeting cards.

To share our penguins we have developed a line of greeting cards all with penguin designs. They are unique, diverse and artistically well sculptured. You will love the funny verses coming from a penguin's perspective.

These verses are meant to show peace, love and joy to those who read them. We are now making an attempt to share them worldwide.

Enjoy our selections.


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Great teaching tool!