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Emperor Penguins
All About Zupo

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always dressed up in their tuxedos and standing upright (like little people) about 4 feet tall. In the Antartic where they live, the waters are cold and covered with snow and ice all year they slide and play here. Their wings are their most pronounced feature.

With a thick layer of fat under their skin, to protect themselves while immersed in frigid water, they glide through these waters using their wings to propel them as if they were flying they do not become air borne like other birds.

Their strong rib cage allows them to dive easily against the water pressure. In the darkness of winter they hatch their eggs and brood their young. Finally, their webbed feet allows them to have greater adaptability while in water, as well as they are used to carry their young as they waddle along the shores.

Poppy Can You Count the Waves

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