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Poppy Can You Count the Waves?
This book is about a nine-year old girl named Alex. She narrates a story of her beach experiences while on spring break visiting with her Grammy and Poppy at their Cape San Blas, Florida home on the Gulf of Mexico. She shows her special love for them with hugs. Grammy and Poppy spent the day bonding with Alex and sharing wonderful words of wisdom mixed with love and hope for her future.

While at the beach, Alex enjoyed watching the dolphins playing in the gulf. She was always thrilled when Poppy covered her whole body with warm, silky, white sand. Later she collected a variety of sea shells she would use to make objects for her art projects. Much of her time was spent trying to count the waves. She finally asked, "Can You Count The Waves, Poppy"? The story now unfolds.

Text copyright ©2008 by Kay McLaughlin
Illustrations by Amy Raley. Edited by Joann Anderson, PhD. Printed in the United States of America.

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Poppy Can You Count the Waves?

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